Why Should you Choose PAQOS?

We live in one of the most populated countries in the world. This means the water we use is being shared by a huge number of people! Water is also the most precious, yet the most basic necessity of our lives, without it we would struggle to survive!

Now, we at Paqos have realized that the above mentioned facts are the guiding line of our business. We have been in the water movement business for about 25 years now and have been taking care of mega projects like HVAC systems, water treatment plants, hydro pneumatic systems, firefighting systems and much more. The idea behind Paqos is to create a one-stop solution for all water treatment and movement problems. We realize that we run business in a country where water is hard due to toxic components and is also hard to move around because of the scarcity of resources. Due to this, it becomes hard for people to find the perfect water softener solution for home usage.

Why to use Paqos?

  • You would want to use our products for the following reasons:-
  • Soft and non-toxic water for you and your family
  • Safer drinking water
  • Lower water bills
  • Incredible showering experience with higher water pressure
  • Toxin-free utensils, appliances and laundry

How to use?

By switching to the best water softener solution according to industry standards! Our products are certified, safe and easy to use, affordable and emit the look of sheer luxury!

Our most selling products are:

  • Water Softener
  • Water Pressure Booster
  • Stainless steel water tanks 

When to use?

The problem is that most people do not even realize that there is a problem with the water they consume until someone actually falls sick! It is very important that we evaluate the quality of the water before we consume it. You have to take this fact into consideration that water used at your home maybe consumed, not only by you but by many other people including small children and older people who are sensitive to hard water. Our consumers never have to worry about water contamination because at Paqos, we make sure that our products make the water you use, absolutely safe for any kind of consumption. With us, you know you are dealing with the best!

Our Products:

Over the years, we have researched, accumulated data, and finally curated the best-in-class water solution products which will change your water experience forever! Our products don’t just give you a sense of luxury but are also the safe and easy to use. Our products are a result of years of innovation by the best people in the water solution industry. Our team understands the Indian household and the way water works and is used in India. This is why our products are tailor-made to perfection to give an impeccable water experience.

Let’s introduce you to our most popular products:

Water Softener:

Calcium and magnesium are two components which erode the water we consume. These two elements makes the water hard and are the primary reason for harming your body, skin, utensils, laundry, and appliances. Presence of these two elements are identified and cut down by our water softener. Our product is an effective solution if you have hard water pouring down from your shower or your sink. After you start using this softener, you will never go back to the regular water you get ever again!

Water pressure booster pump:

Have you ever had to struggle to get the right amount of water pressure from your faucet or your showerhead? It gets very frustrating when you are doing your business and the pressure of the water is just not right! We know how annoying it can get when you are trying to cool down under the shower after a long day and the water pressure gives you a hard time, this is why we came out with our unique automatic water pressure booster. This is one product you are absolutely going to love, be it you faucet or your showerhead, our pressure booster pump will make sure you get the correct amount of water flow!

Stainless steel water tank:

Gone are the days when we used to have those black plastic fiber water tanks on the terrace of our homes or in the vicinity we lived in. Those water tanks were the talk of the yesterday because, we at Paqos have come out with a permanent solution to all your water storage problems! Our stainless steel water tank for home are 100% hygienic and toxins free, it does not smell at all and can be cleaned easily, durable and most importantly prevents the stay of harmful bacteria like algae. What else? You will never even notice a temperature change even in extreme weather conditions! Now, that’s what we call an innovation for the future! So, when we say that we provide you with a one-stop solution for all your water problems, we mean it. Enjoy water.

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