India And Its Hard Water Crisis

Hard Water Crisis in India

India is the second largest nation in the world in terms of population, this means it is also one of the major consumers of water on the planet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that water hardness is an omnipresent problem in a country which has already been struggling with water crisis. For years, researchers, scientists and aquatic experts have been looking for a water softening solution that can eradicate the water hardness for times to come.

What kind of water is considered to be hard?

Hardness of water is generally measured by the high concentration of minerals present in it that we consume. There are two types of minerals which if present, in a huge amount can make the water we consume hard and unfit for consumption. These minerals are primarily Calcium and magnesium. Moreover, there is a certain amount of PH level that your consumable water must have for it to be fit for usage. The Indian standard for water consumption states that the PH value of water must be between 6.5 and 8.5 for safe consumption. This is why every Indian family needs a water softener solution for home.

Why is the condition of water bad in India?

India is a vast country both in terms of geography and demography. There is not one but multiple reasons for the water situation to be worsening without any water solution.

Let’s shed some light on some primary reasons:

Weak Infrastructure: The attempt to build a strong infrastructure for water preservation in our country has miserably failed over the years due to the vast population of our country. No matter how much the government puts efforts and invests money on the accessibility of clean and fresh water, there is always a major strata of our population that does not have the access to the most basic human needs.

National Shortage: If you think that the water you use to take a shower or to do your laundry is easily available, then think again! We are one of those few lucky people which comprise a minor percentage of the total population in India that has access to 24*7 water supply. While, 60-70% of India reside in rural areas of our country where regular water supply of is still a far cry. That part of our country continues to use hard water for everything, even farming. This means that indirectly, we all are consuming hard water due to lack of a proper softener filter.

Bad water movement system: Another major problem in our country is the water movement system.  Problems like bad drainage and water clogging are one of the major reasons for still water contamination. Still water, not only corrodes itself but also starts contaminating fresh and clean water bodies once allowed to mix through numerous streams and water channels causing a series of deadly implications.

Water Pollution: Last but the most impactful factor for the worsening condition of water in India is water pollution. The rise of the heavy industry and chemical industry has polluted our water bodies immensely. Not only that, we ourselves are responsible for contaminating the clean water bodies by immersing various harmful materials like garbage , plastic, oil, idols of gods made of harmful chemicals and much more. All of this gets mixed up in pure water bodies and the PH level of the water rises to an alarming scale.

So, we can clearly understand why and how the water condition India has worsened over time. It is very clear that the water we use in our home is being moved from one of these contaminated water bodies. We agree that by the time it reaches your water tanker or your shower head, it is filtered up to a certain level but we still cannot deny the fact that it is still hard contaminated water that needs an adequate a water softener solution.

The one-stop Solution Paqos is a brand that has been working on the water treatment systems since the late 90’s. We understand the condition of water in our country and thus, our experts have successfully built a hard water softener for home, which makes sure that the water you use on a daily basis for various things like, bathing, cleaning utensils, laundry, washing etc. is soft, has the right amount of minerals and PH level. Our water softener filter not only makes the water fit for use but also saves you and your family from many diseases, infections, disabilities and life threatening situations. Be it surface water or ground water, our water softener filters it before it reaches you.

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