10 reasons every Indian household needs a water softener

Reasons to Use a Water Softener

Living in a home in India means dealing with hard water everyday. Having an adequate water softener solution for home is must in our country. Contamination of our water bodies is rising at an alarming rate, which is why most of India consumes a lot of hard water on a daily basis. A Water softener solution has been the prime need for a long time now, to treat the hard water we receive from our water sources.

The problem with hard water is that it contains calcium and magnesium in high quantity, which not only damages your plumbing and internal heating system of your washroom or kitchen but also creates a limescale that is not healthy for consumption. Consuming hard water directly from a water source directly can cause a lot health issues you might not even be aware of.

Today, we look into at least 10 reasons why every Indian household should adopt a water softening solution.

1. Works better with your cleaning agents – According to many studies conducted by several laboratories around the world, it has been proven that cleaning agents like soap and detergents work much better with soft water. Hard water contains high traces of magnesium and calcium which reduces the impact of your cleaning agents. So more hard water means more usage of soaps and detergents while soft water means less usage of all the cleaning agents.

2. Hard water is bad for your skin –  Due to the high amount of minerals present in hard water, hard water becomes a dangerous element for your precious skin. The minerals present in hard water can clog the pores of your skin, leaving them dry an itchy all the time. Soft water is much more skin friendly and helps in maintaining the ph level of your soft and smooth skin.

3. Hard water drops the efficiency of your heating system – Hard water when heated leaves limescale behind it. Limescale is a substance which is primarily made up of calcium and magnesium which is left behind when hard water evaporates. It produces a hard, chalky deposit and builds up where water is heated. Now this scale can drop the efficiency of your heating system by a hug amount over a period of time. Soft water works much better with all heating system and allows your heating system to last for more years.

4. Soft water is good for all appliances – By installing a water softener solution for home,  you will be saving a lot on your energy bills. Hard water reduces the life of your home appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, mainly corroding it over time. Soft water keeps your appliances safe while you do your laundry or dishes because there very less or no minerals person in soft water.

5. Cleaner Laundry –  Hard water leaves a heavy residue of soap scum in your fabrics, making it hard to clean it in one go. This means that you’ll have to use more detergents and still not get brighter clothes when washing it with hard water, in fact hard water also turns your clothes stiff after a period of time. On the other hand, if you wash your fabrics with soft water you’ll need half the amount detergents and yet get much more cleaner, softer and brighter clothes.

6. Have a good hair day, everyday –  You want know why you have more bad hair days in month? The answer to your question is the hard water coming out of your shower heads. Yes, hard water contains scale that accumulates over time in your hair, reducing its vitality over a period of time. This is exactly why people who shower with hard water complain that their hair is constantly falling. Hard water softener for bathroom reduces the amount of limescale in your hair by a significant amount, giving you softer and smoother hair everyday.

7. Hard water is bad for cooking/drinking – Have you ever given a thought to the fact that the hard water that you do not wish to use to do laundry or dishes or even to take a shower with is the same water you may be using to cook your meals or even consume while drinking. Hard water is contaminated and has harmful minerals which are not at all fit for consumption, this why you generally use water treatment solutions at home to treat hard water.

8. Forget stains –  Hard water is the main source of water stains on your dishes even water washing them thoroughly. The minerals in hard water is what collects as a deposit or a residue and dries up to become water stains. Soft water does not not leave any residue on your dishes.

9. Bad Water pressure – One of the primary reasons of a bad water flow from your shower heads is hard water. Yes, hard water clogs up your shower head filters with limescale and minerals present in it which reduces the water flow over a longer duration. Get home a water softener solution to get the perfect water flow and enjoy the perfect shower every time.

10. Hard water damages the paint job of your car – Believe it or not, the residue or deposits in hard water is not only bad for your fabrics and dishes but also for your car. The limescale in hard water increases the amount of streaking and spotting on your car which reduces the natural shine of your car’s paint. In no time, your car will start looking much older than it really is. This is why it is always advisable to use soft water to clean your cars and scooters. Now, that you know what hard water can do to everything that you use on a daily basis, we recommend you to get a water softener solution for home from Paqos today and solve all the above mentioned problems in just one go, because we are a one stop solution to all your water treatment needs now and forever.

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