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The safety and accessibility of drinking-water is a major concern throughout the world. Several Health risks may arise from consumption of water contaminated with impurities of infectious agents, toxic chemicals hazards.

Green RO has been designed and engineered for exceptional performance by Paqos, Which has superior aesthetics and comes loaded with consumer friendly features. It helps in reduction of harmful bacteria, viruses and also substantially decreases the level of waste water as compared to other RO systems available in market. It is so safe and pure which guarantees clean water and also retains the right balance of minerals for your family.


Stunningly compact and environment friendly, PAQOS purification system provides a continuous stream of clean, fresh, great-tasting, drinking water by using Reverse Osmosis (RO). PAQOS purification system improves your home, office or restaurant’s drinking water in one easy step.


RO Is The Way Ahead

100% Hygenic

As paqos stainless Steel vessels prevent the growth of fungus and Algae, water remains hygienic, always!

Prevents the growth of algae & fungus

No growth of bacterial species and fungus. Water remains clean & pure.

Easy To Clean

Although Paqos Water Vessels do not require frequent cleaning, the bottom placed outlet nipple makes cleaning it a child’s play.

Non Toxic

The High quality steel used in Paqos Vessels make it a healthier alternative to plastic, concrete and other metal containers.

Long Durability

Paqos Vessels have been designed to withstand all weather conditions and have a long service life.

No Smell

The insulated storage in Paqos Vessel keeps water clean, pure and smell-free. You can use it even for storage of drinking water.

Normal water in winter & summer

PUF (Poly urethane foam) machine injected insulation ensures negligible change in water temperature in extreme summer or winter.

Elegant Inlook

Paqos Vessels don’t look bulky and make your house look more imposing & elegant.

International Technology

State-of-the-art technology in the designing and manufacturing process make Paqos Vessels an advanced solution for water storage.

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Find answers to common queries about our water solutions and services.

What sets the Paqos Green RO Water Purifier apart from other systems, and how does it ensure clean and fresh drinking water?

The Paqos RO Water Purifier is designed for exceptional performance, featuring a compact and eco-friendly design. It reduces harmful bacteria, viruses, and wastewater levels. This system guarantees clean water while retaining the right balance of minerals.

What are the key features of the Paqos P500 Reverse Osmosis System, and how does it improve the quality of drinking water in homes, offices, and restaurants?

The Paqos P500 Reverse Osmosis System is an innovative module that provides high-flow, clean, and refreshing drinking water. It offers a sleek design, spill-proof filter replacement, low maintenance costs, and anti-bacterial post-carbon filtration. This system can produce up to 400 gallons of purified water daily, making it a versatile choice for various settings.

What makes the Paqos Green RO Water Purifier environmentally friendly, and how does it ensure efficient water usage?

The Paqos RO Water Purifier is known for its eco-friendly features, including a high water recovery rate and auto-flush function to prevent membrane clogging. Its premium-grade fittings and connections ensure reliability and durability. This system is designed with health and the environment in mind, providing clean, safe water while minimizing waste.

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