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We are the one source for all water solutions: This includes end-to-end treatment solutions for your building. We provide solutions from source to use, extracting water from the source, pre-filtration and softening treatment to transfer to all points of use. We are also the one source for the installation and maintenance of all equipment’s.


Pumps & Booster System

Xylem is an American MNC which is one of the largest manufacturing pumps in the world. Xylem is a leader in efficient, sustainable water technologies and applications. With 16000 employees in more than 150 countries, Xylem is committed to serve municipal water, wastewater, residential and commercial building services and industrial markets; Xylem is focused on one of the world’s biggest issues – water. Xylem comprises of three business units – Water Solutions, Analytics and Applied Water Systems.

Xylem India builds its biggest pump testing facility of 7.35 mw (9856 HP) in Vadodara. The facility tests vertical turbine pumps, vertical pumps, horizontal split case pumps and dry pit sewage pump. Here the pumps are tested for performance, submergence and consistency.


Softener Resin

The Specialty Resins Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Tokyo- Japan, founded in 1933, currently produces over 70 standard commercial and custom specialty product grades of coating resins based on acrylic, methacrylic and styrenic monomers.

Mitsubishi Chemical’s resins are at the core of many products that you use every day. The uses of Mitsubishi ion exchange resins do not end with industrial water purification and softening. Rather, they are also used in various applications such as pharmaceutical and food purification, wastewater treatment, and the production of ultra-pure water for semiconductor manufacturing.

DELTA Electronics

Ventilations System

Delta Electronics revolutionizes indoor air quality with advanced fresh air systems and energy recovery ventilators. Featuring breakthroughs in PM2.5 purification, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, our products ensure optimal ventilation and protection against air pollution. The Fresh Air System delivers filtered outdoor air while expelling stale indoor air for comprehensive whole-house ventilation.

Delta’s Energy Recovery Ventilator, with a slim ceiling mount design, incorporates a brushless DC motor and three-stage filters for a 97% purification rate. It intelligently monitors indoor air quality and offers easy maintenance, providing efficient solutions for varied room sizes.


Alkaline Water

Lifecore Instrument Inc., is a manufacturer based on unique electrolysis technology in Seoul, Korea. Lifecore Instrument has a unique electrolysis technology based on 3 cell system that patented by Korea and Japan government. Lifecore is a manufacture company that produces eco-healthcare products related to electrolysis technology in the field of semiconductor, medical device and home use water related products. Head office is located in Suwon, Korea and has separately R&D center and factory.

The most advanced technology is adopted in home use water ionizer field. They develop, manufacture and sell our own filter system and water purifier that can be a solution to various water qualities in various area. Lifecore are having more than 20 kinds of products, such as industrial water ionizer and alkaline water ionizer and household alkaline water ionizer. Lifecore are currently exporting to 15 countries in the world.


ventilation specialists

For over 25 years, Elta Group has been an international leader in fans, air movement, filtration and distribution – all with the aim of enhancing the lives of people, animals, buildings and equipment.

Elta Fans Asia has been at the forefront of awe-inspiring design and engineering in ventilation. This passion for providing cutting edge, powerful solutions can be seen in everything we do. Elta become a leader in high-integrity solutions that move, filter, treat and distribute air, from agriculture to building services to applied technology. We’re never standing still, always living and breathing our cause, and looking to the horizon.


Sewage Pumping

Established in 1979, HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s most successful submersible pump manufacturer. HCP pumps are widely used across various sectors, including dewatering, gardening, agriculture, aquaculture, construction, plant sewages, flood control stations, and mining. Wherever there is water, there is HCP PUMP.

Embracing the vision of “make future flow,” HCP is devoted to advancing pump technology for water resource development. Our inspiration is rooted in delivering efficient pump technology to our partners, ensuring sustainability in water recycling, and contributing to a brighter future for the environment.

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