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Enjoy Natural Soft Water With PAQOS Water Softener Filter

PAQOS water Softener Filter is the hi-tech solution to all hard water problems. Its state-of–the-art functioning rids water of the elements that cause destruction to your health and home. The result? Water that’s gentle on you and your home appliances. As well as on your pocket!
You may not realize it, but hard water is not only damaging your skin, hair and clothes, it’s also gradually destroying your expensive water-utilizing appliances and water pipes. As well as raising your electricity bills!
Non availability of adequate water supply, compel most of user to go for ground water, which is a hard water and need to be treated to make it suitable for use.
A well designed water softener filter with proper need assessment of the user and quality of water to be treated, to make it natural water is a specialised job. Experience of using treated water for all your daily need is altogether different experience and make you feel fresh.

Money Saving

Clean Water

Good Health

Shiny Surfaces

Less Disease

Gentle On Fabric

Better Healing

Saves Time


Softener Filter Is The Way Ahead

A Luxurious Experience

By removing calcium & magnesium & other mineral buildup due to hard water. Also, reducing the corrosion process, making the appliances easy to clean.

Improve The Efficiency Of The Systems

Increasing the efficiency of plumbing fixtures performance. Eliminating buildup of scales. Increasing the efficiency of water powered and water filteration appliances by requiring less cleaning detergents.

Saving Money Over Maintenance Of Appliances

Less breakdown so less spending on maintenance of the valuable and daily use appliances.

Increasing Life Of Bathroom Fitting/utensils/appliances

Avoiding mineral deposit that can affect the hot tub, coffee maker, washing machine, refrigerator.

Soft On The Skin/No Scum After Shaving

Avoid minerals that strip away moisture.

Water Filtration Process

To flush out debri & particle for smooth water flow from shower & taps.

Water Softening Process

To soften the hard water for lustrous & shiny hair, skin & luxurious bathrooms.

Why Use Filters for Hard Water Softening?

Many regions of India have hard water, which has an impact on the lives of those who suffer from a variety of illnesses. Installing a water softener for homes in India is imperative for families, let us find out how:-

Enhancing Water Quality:

The taste and look of water can be impacted by hard water. It could make the water murky or discoloured and taste metallic. With the constant use of water softener filters in your home you can reduce the negative effects on your health extensively. The quality of the water in your home can be raised using a water softener filter.

Safeguarding Plumbing and Appliances:

High concentrations of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are present in hard water. These minerals have the potential to build up and create scale deposits in appliances such as washing machines, water heaters, and pipelines over time. This may shorten their longevity, decrease their efficiency, and raise their energy consumption. A softener filter is a must to protect your appliances from getting damaged in the long run.

Cost Savings:

Installing a hard water softener for the home can save money in the long run, despite the initial investment. Preventing the accumulation of scale and enhancing the effectiveness of appliances can save maintenance and replacement expenses while also saving energy.

Skin and Hair Health:​

Hard water can leave a residue on skin and hair, leading to dryness and irritation. A hard water filter helps in rinsing off soap and shampoo more effectively, leaving skin dullness-free and hair feeling softer and healthier.

Increasing Cleaning Efficiency:

The formation of a lather with soap and detergent is hindered by hard water, resulting in the need for additional cleaning agents. This can lead to stiff and dull washing as well as soap scum on dishes, glasses and bathroom fixtures. By using softener filters, you can achieve better cleaning and washing with soap and detergent.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Find answers to common queries about our water solutions and services.

What issues does the Paqos Water Softener Filter address, and how does it work to solve these problems?

The Paqos Water Softener Filter tackles problems associated with hard water, which can damage skin, hair, clothes, and appliances. It uses a 3-step process to remove calcium and magnesium ions, making the water soft and gentle on you and your appliances.

Why is a Multimedia Filter essential in conjunction with the Water Softener, and what role does it play in water purification?

The Paqos Multimedia Filter is crucial as it effectively removes suspended solids and oils from your water supply. This pre-treatment prevents resin clogging and ensures the water is consistently purified.

How does the Whole House Carbon Filter improve water quality, and where is it commonly used in home water treatment systems?

The Whole House Carbon Filter significantly enhances water quality by reducing bad tastes, odours, chlorine, and organic contaminants in water supplies. It's also commonly used as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems to improve water quality.

What problems can excessive iron in water cause, and how does the Paqos Iron Removal Filter address these issues while being a chemical-free and maintenance-free solution?

Excessive iron in water can lead to reddish stains, plumbing issues, and problems with detergents and personal care products. The PAQOS Iron Removal Filter removes iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, odours, and chlorine. It's a chemical-free and maintenance-free solution for groundwater iron problems.

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