Stainless Steel Water Tanks vs Polyethylene Water Tanks

SS Water Tank vs Polyethylene Water Tanks

When it comes to water tanks, the most popular choice is a polyethylene water tank. It is strong, sturdy and stands the test of time. However, another tank that is fast gaining popularity is the stainless steel water tank that many modern homes are opting for due to the many advantages it provides. Wondering which is better? Let us compare and find out:


While the foundation for all types of tanks is the same consisting of crusher dust that is mostly for polyethylene water tanks, installing a stainless-steel water tank requires a much stronger base. In addition to that, you can risk moving a poly water tank in case you are moving houses but for a stainless-steel insulated water tank, that might not be possible.


Poly water tanks can stand the test of time and can run efficiently for 20 years or more whereas a stainless-steel overhead water tank needs to be protected from erosion and iron deposits from time to time. Poly water tanks can also withstand harsh UV rays which a stainless steel can’t.


Poly tanks are much easier to clean as compared to stainless steel tanks. Many polyethylene tanks come with an automatic cleaning system that removes debris from time to time. But for a stainless-steel tank, cleaning it requires an expensive two-tank system.

Water quality

Both polyethylene and stainless-steel tanks provide equal quality water.


A stainless-steel water tank is definitely much stronger than a polyethylene water tank.

Based on these differences, you can decide to get one based on your house needs and budget. In case you are looking for an expert advice, PAQOS is a professional solution provider that can help you decide and install a water tank at your ease.

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