Effectiveness of Alkaline Water in Keeping Athletes Hydrated

Effectiveness of Alkaline Water

Water, undoubtedly, is the most important element to a healthy lifestyle. Especially for athletes who are constantly training. There are also many health drinks that are marketed everyday, promising to provide ample hydration and energy to athletes. But water that is infused with the right minerals and pH level can help rejuvenate the body and provide it with sufficient hydration thereby improving the overall performance of an athlete. Alkaline water is one such example of a nutrient rich water that can help hydrating athletes.

The fact that drinking water before, during and after any sports is beneficial has been research backed. When an athlete exercises, the consumption of muscle glycogen increases thereby increasing the amount of surplus acid and Co2. The body then tends to become acidic and the muscle’s pH level begins to drop significantly. Once the pH drops beyond 6.5 your body muscles begin to get tired. The more you workout the more lactic acid is produced in the muscles that exhausts you completely. But thanks to alkaline water, that can be averted. Recent research has shown that alkaline water can help manage the pH level in the human body when it is in a resting stage.

So, what makes alkaline water so special and is it worth all the hype? According to the Nutritional and Hydration Guidelines for Excellence in Sports Performance, alkaline water has essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. In addition to that, alkaline water goes through an electrolytic process that breaks the mineral clusters into micro clusters that are much easily absorbed by the body. Alkaline water is also highly anti-oxidising with a negative ORP value of -400 MV that boosts your athletic performance.

With all these wonderful properties it is only natural to opt for alkaline water if you are an athlete. You can install alkaline water ionizer in your home and PAQOS provides expert hard water softener solutions for your home. So call your water expert today and put a step towards a healthy life.

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