House Water Softener – A Solution for Hard Water

Hard Water Softener for Home

Not all water is the same. In certain places, the natural water retains a lot of minerals making it hard. Hard water can be difficult to work with and in addition, it can make your hair and skin rough besides damaging the home appliances. In that situation, a water softener comes to rescue as it removes the excess minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water which makes it hard. If you are facing the problem of hard water in your home, then a water softener can help solve the problem. Here is how it functions:

There are 3 main types of water softener:

  • The ion exchange- most commonly used in domestic households and works by removing calculators and magnesium and replacing the same with sodium ions.
  • Salt free- it uses a mechanical method to remove just the calcium from hard water and isn’t very efficient.
  • Reverse osmosis- a semipermeable membrane is used to pass water through and remove hard ions.

Since the ion exchange method is most commonly used in households, let us understand the working of the same. The ion exchange method makes use of a bed of spherical resin that is placed in the water tank. The resins are made from polystyrene and are charged with sodium ions which makes it anionic (-ve) in nature. The hard water passes through that bed. The calcium and magnesium in it, makes it cationic (+ve) in nature. The opposite charges attract each other and the calcium and magnesium get retained along with sodium ions. This allows the mineral free water to pass through. In case you are battling hard water at home and are considering installing a water softener filter, PAQOS is at your rescue. Our expert team of professionals can deal with all water related problems like a pro. From determining the cause of hard water to installing a home water solution or automatic water softener, we do it all.

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