Softener Filter


PAQOS water Softener Filter is the hi-tech solution to all hard water problems. Its state-of–the-art functioning rids water of the elements that cause destruction to your health and home. The result? Water that’s gentle on you and your home appliances. As well as on your pocket!

You may not realize it, but hard water is not only damaging your skin, hair and clothes, it’s also gradually destroying your expensive water-utilizing appliances and water pipes. As well as raising your electricity bills !

Non availability of adequate water supply, compel most of user to go for ground water, which is a hard water and need to be treated to make it suitable for use.

A well designed water softener filter with proper need assessment of the user and quality of water to be treated, to make it natural water is a specialised job. Experience of using treated water for all your daily need is altogether different experience and make you feel fresh.


PAQOS water Sofetner uses a 3-step process to keep it in perfect shape for the water-softening process.
  1. REMOVAL OF CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM IONS: The body of the PAQOS water softener comprises of a tank filled with resin beads which are covered with sodium ions. As hard water passes through, these resin beads act as magnets, to attract the calcium and magnesium ions which give water their hardness. In exchange, sodium ions are replaced into the water to give it softness.
  2. REGENERATION OF THE RESIN BEADS: Over time, the resin beads become saturated with mineral ions and have to be regenerated. This process, conducted by the Control Valve on top of the tank, requires a strong brine solution to be flushed through the resin tank. The brine bathes the resin beads in stream of sodium ions, replacing the calcium and magnesium ions which give water its hardness.
  3. FLUSHING: The brine solution, carrying the displaced calcium and magnesium is then flushing down the drain by fresh water. The regenerated resin beads can be used again and again.


  • Soft on your SKIN and HAIR.
  • Makes bath a luxurious experience.
  • Leaves no scum after shaving.
  • Gentle on your expensive garments.
  • Increase the life of your bathroom fittings/utensils/appliances.
  • Saves you money over maintenance of expensive appliances.
  • Improves the efficiency of hot water & heating systems.
  • Saves your money in terms of electricity bill, when you use soft water instead.
  • Saves your money on washing powder, soaps, shampoos & other bathroom essentials.
  • Saves your time.
  • Washes your car better and keeps it breathing.

Multimedia FILTER

It is not easy to remove suspended solids and oils effectively from the daily supply of water. The water supplied to household comes with small amount of solids that cause some adverse effects. PAQOS Multimedia Filter ensures that the water gets consistently purified. It can be used as standalone whole house filter & must be used with the Water Softener as a pretreatment as it prevents mud. Sand & other suspended impurities from clogging the resin & enable the resin to softener the water and by itself.

Whole House Carbon Filter

Water may contain disagreeable odour and taste, objectionable chlorine level & many chemical gases which make it unfit for daily usage. Activated carbon filtration is very common in a number of home water treatment systems. The PAQOS Carbon filter reduces or eliminates bad tastes and odours, chlorine and many organic contaminants in municipal (pre-treated or chlorinated) water supplies to produce significantly improved water. It is also very commonly used as a pre-treatment as part of a reverse osmosis system to reduce many organic contaminants, chlorine and other items that could foul the reverse osmosis membrane.

Whole House IRON Removal Filter

Excessive Iron in water can cause reddish stain and deposit on appliances, showers and bath tubs and can also cause plumbing line chocking, Detergents, Soaps and Shampoos don’t work properly, resulting in faded clothes, hair fall and skin diseases, etc. PAQOS Iron Removal filters Powered by Purolite are all purpose chemical free, salt free and maintenance free ground water iron filter systems. Our Iron removal filter removes iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, tastes, odours and even chlorine. It is the most advanced ground water filter ever designed and sold exclusively by PAQOS Water .just “ set it and forget it”, we use only the finest international quality iron removal media.

Super Softeners

PAQOS Super Softeners are high efficiency softners, powered by Purolite shallow shell technology resin. The structure of resin shortens the diffusion path, resulting in faster ion exchange. This is particularly important during regeneration as it provides more efficient utilization of the regenerant, higher throughput and more complete regeneration with less leakage. It’s a real solution for treating high hardness water with high TDS & for clients looking for high performance quality product, as it offers features like NSF certification, Salt saving, water savings, Iron removal as well.