What Is the Function of an Alkaline Water Filter?

Function of an Alkaline Water Filter

If you want to have the top-quality drinking water – you should think about using an alkaline water filter as part of your water treatment system at home or in your workplace. Alkaline water is one of the ideal drinking waters and can even be better in quality than costly bottled water. So, what is the main function of an alkaline water filter? This type of water filter, sometimes known as an ionised water filter, generally produces a chemical change in the water. The filter separates the water into alkaline water and acidic water.

Alkaline Water – Smaller Clusters

The alkaline water filter contains smaller water clusters. Thus, your body can digest and absorb them more easily, providing speedier and improved hydration for your body. It carries a greater quantity of oxygen-rich energy and has a better taste. Moreover, drinking alkaline water instead of normal water gives some interesting health advantages like –

  • Lower levels of blood sugar
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Less chance of allergic reactions
  • Higher ability to fight damage caused by free radicals

PAQOS alkaline ionizer water purifier restores the ideal pH balance by lessening acidic levels in the water and your body.

Acidic Water and Its Use

This is probably harmful to your body because it can unbalance your body’s pH level, so it is not recommended to drink. However, acidic water has some very practical applications due to its ability to counteract germs. It is perfect for washing dishes, shampooing hair, removing stains and cleaning wounds.

Therefore, it is advantageous to use an alkaline water filter. PAQOS softener filter ensures soft hair and smooth skin, the durability of expensive faucets and enhanced geyser and heating system productivity. Alkaline water was proved to increase the antioxidant activity of vitamin C. Waterborne minerals are a useful source of nutrient uptake and can lessen blood pressure in people having calcium or magnesium deficiency. In calcium adequacy, the alkaline water led to a remarkable decrease in PTH and S-CTX. The acidic water did not lessen the bone loss.

PAQOS is one such source for complete home water solutions. It provides updated lifestyle bathroom fixtures like single lever faucets, thermostat components, rain showers, body showers and regular showers that require filtered and soft water backed with a powerful water pressure booster pump. It ensures the best pressure in showers, a relaxed feeling under pressure shower, completely automatic, saves water and controls flow.

What Is the Best Filtration System?

You should use an alkaline water filter as part of a multi-component water purification system that removes unwanted contaminants and microbial bacteria from your drinking water supply for excellent overall outputs. Keep in mind that an alkaline water filter does not purify the water – it separates through a chemical process into two types: alkaline & acidic. Hence, it is still useful to purify the water by using other water purification products.

While alkaline water provides numerous health benefits, your first concern should be to ensure that your drinking water is purified to be clean and safe to drink. The filtering out of possibly harmful contaminants and other undesirable substances must be the first step in your water filtering system. 

Fortunately, you can easily execute this as most top quality alkaline water filters also consist of filtration elements made from carbon or ceramic, which can remove unwanted impurities and chemicals from water. This filtration process ensures that your water is fit for drinking purposes. The alkaline water will then convert into drinking water with many more advantages for your overall health besides improved taste. PAQOS stainless steel water tank ensures healthy, hygienic, plastic-free water, smells & fungus free water and maintains water temperature.

To Conclude

Water is an indispensable part of our life, like oxygen. You can compromise your lifestyle, health and other aspects of life, but with water, it is impossible. Many regular water purification systems easily produce safe and clean drinking water. However, an alkaline water filter takes water treatment to a superior level – offering you oxygen-rich, easily digestible and enlivening drinking water whenever you like it. You will rapidly experience the advantages to your health and energy levels. A well-planned complete home water solution makes sure the best showering and refreshing experience.

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