Water Reserve or Water Storage Tank

Water Storage Tank

Do you know what is the biggest problem in Modern India? The lack of water, the proper density of water. Very few people are there who don’t care about it and think that we have a large gallon of water storage to waste. But in the ancient period, the scenario was something different. You will not believe to know their trick of storing the water. 

In the ancient period, people used different types of storage system to hold the water for their future uses. Those were scientifically strong and impressive that till now people visit some places to see that magical creation. 

Among those creation some best water storages were like:

  • Talab: This is also called the POND, that time the ancient people used this to hold the rainwater so that they can use that later. They used those water for some household work and drinking purpose. 
  • Bawari: This process was used in Rajasthan, to store the rainwater. As you know this state of India has a little source or no solid source of water. So, they designed this storage to collect rainwater. 
  • Taanka: This was also another innovative technique of Rajasthan; this innovation was designed by the people of THAR in Rajasthan state. In this cylindrical taanka they used to store the rainwater and used that for the whole season. 

But nowadays, the system has totally changed and the requirements too. The uses of water also increase for us. Everyone just wants to be refreshed always, moreover, every person likes to be hygienic.  That is the main reason they replaced their water storage every next day as per their concern and awareness. 

In the ancient period, people used the clay pot to store their drinking water. After some years when people become modern, they realised the lack of using that clay pot and then they switched to the solid material. 

People loved to use the solid cement container, it helped them to store a huge gallon of fresh water, which they can use for a long period of time. But the one issue with there with the container, that, it was too heavy to move anywhere. Also, some fungus types moss started to live there, as a result, the water could not be fresh for a long time. 

That time another raw material becomes viral in the market and till now this material is ruling the BAZAR and most of the public get attracted by that, as it is so light weighted and can easily take anywhere, so people are loving the water tank made by this Plastic material. 

But do you know how much this material is harmful to us? Using plastics material as water storage means we are inviting danger and diseases. It has lots of reactions. When plastic gets hot it also turns into water, and that is really dangerous for us who are using those tanks for our family. 

Thinking this side effects PAQOS brings a safe and secure water tank made by the Stainless Steel. This material is really different and modified which takes care of your health. This solid material has its own power to absorb the temperature so that you will always get fresh water. 

A normal steel material can be reacted with the rust and this will pollute the water. But the stainless steel is safe from it, rust will never touch its inner body to destroy the water minerals. 

You can carry this tank anywhere, it is appropriate for the office, campus, and the residence also. This stainless steel is the modern version of storing water for a long period of time. It will never be affected with any reactions, any disease, nor any virus, your water will be fresh like a filter. Even this one is much better than the so-called purifier which is also made of plastic. 

So be healthy and stay fit, use some fresh and originally pure water, which only can be provided by the stainless steel water tank

Now forget about storing water regularly or clean it every next day. This stainless-steel water tank doesn’t need any type of extra care. It is the modern version which takes care of your family and provides some fresh and pure water. 

How can you avoid these benefits of using the stainless steel water tank: 

  • Strong Durability: Stainless-steel provides strong durability rather than any other material, like concrete, plastic, or steel. These materials can give you trouble any time, like leakage issue, expansion due to the weather changing. But the Stainless-steel is free from these kinds of things, and it stays for a long time which is really cost-effective. This material resists the water oxidation and biocides which is a strong feature of this stainless-steel tank. 
  • Safe & Hygienic: This is highly recommended as it prevents the growth of bacteria, a fungus which is common and easily occurred in other common materials. It is harmful to drink water from those unhygienic tanks. But the SS tank doesn’t have such record, even it keeps the water safe and hygienic for the users. This is the main reason most of the people preferred this tank for their home or office. Water is the most essential thing, as it called LIFE! So always drink some fresh and pure water. 
  • Recyclable: As a part of this environment, we should take care of it, instead of harming this nature. SS tank is one of the best and safe metal alloys which is proven eco-friendly. The use of this SS tank is increasing day by day as it is made up of natural energy and resources. Mostly near about 70% recycled material has been used to make a new SS water tank, it makes them recyclable. It also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. 
  • Attractive and Aesthetic Value: Using a big plastic black tank is not so cool that you would like to place at the rooftop. The concrete tank also has the same boring look, whereas, the Stainless-steel has a much stunning and elegant look, so you can easily place that at your factory or rooftop. The best thing of using this SS tank is, you can easily paint this as per your choice or situation demand. 
  • Mobility and Cost efficiency: Suppose you are changing your home apartment or factory, then it is impossible to root off your old concrete tank. But this SS Tank can be easily moveable, and this really reduces your cost of buying a new one. This tank has longevity rather than a cheap material like plastic. Avoid plastic and invest in this type of SS Tank which is fruitful for both human and nature. 

Due to these benefits of Stainless-Steel has already increased the popularity of this object. People are more conscious about their health so they don’t want to take any risk if you are thinking to buy a large tank, then, hope it will help you to choose the right and invest and pick the good thing for you and your family. All of these things are revealed as per the words of health experts and doctors who recommended to use and drink water from this new revolution called the stainless steel water tank rather than using a plastic tank.

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