Improve Your Shower Experience With PAQOS Water Pressure Boost Pump

Improve Your Shower Experience With A Pressure Booster Pump

If you are a 80’s or 90’s kid, there are several iconic commercials you will be able to associate with. Like there wouldn’t be any Rahul (which was one of the most trendy names during the time) who wasn’t teased by their friends as “Rahul, paani chala jaayega”. It was one of the most iconic advertisement by erstwhile soap Le Sancy where they showed a young boy who is nagged by his mother to take a shower then the boy plays loud music on the music system and dances under the shower, until the overhead shower stops and the ad ends with the above note. The brand and the advert had a massive recall value.

Showers have been used by the advertisement gurus to promote brands and soaps and shampoos are obviously a logical extension to the same. These have been used very effectively to deliver a serious message, hygiene education, comical or even at times in sensuous ways. While the above Le Sancy ad was comical as well as satirical, OK soap ad often showed people in a shower. The commercial often featured a man taking a shower and sees the soap down in his hand and says “Sachmuch kaafi bada hai”(it’s really big). This often gave sniggers to the younger lot because of the intended ambiguity of the statement if he was really talking of soap’s size.

A more refreshing approach was adopted by Liril soap, where they would feature the model taking a shower in the waterfall with their jingle in the backdrop. Their entire series concept was same but with featured different models. And it gave break to one of the most popular faces in Bollywood, Preity Zinta who then lead on to debut in movie ‘Dil se’.

While these adverts positioned itself with the common people, Lux soap targeted a niche segment. It was marketed as the preferred choice of bar of Bollywood actresses. And the best actresses of the time including Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, Sri Devi, Madhur Dikshit, Juhi Chawla, Kareena Kapoor and various others modeled for it. This obviously made it a preferred choice of soap bar with women of the country until in late 90’s the company made an iconic move of introducing Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador.

This altered the viewpoint of the markets and industries and unraveled a totally new market where men were identified as a huge market of beauty products. A whole new product line of soaps, shampoos, fairness creams, hair oil, face wash, beard maintenance products started getting introduced into the markets targeting at men. Almost all the companies into cosmetic and hygiene products developed a new range for homme products.

One of the most controversial depiction of showers was done by Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson for Kamasutra condoms ad in 1993. The film was sensuous and titillating while it also created a furor amongst the watch guards of morals and culture.

Showers have played a pivotal role in the advertising world where brands have been sold, positioned, repositioned and have explored newer avenues. It’s entirely your personal preference as to which soap, shampoo or hygiene products you choose. But to enjoy the bliss of a good refreshing shower, it is imperative that you choose the best water pressure pump available in market. Contact us on 8010254254 or visit shop to have a detailed discussion on several offerings of PAQOS and get yourself the best hard water softener or water pressure pump to immerse yourself in the bliss. Whether your bath is like Shahrukh Khan in Lux or like Marc Robinson in Kamasutra, be rest assured “aapka paani kabhi nahi jayega”.

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