Scholars’ Soaking

He had been acting weird for so many days doing strange things, sometimes in private and at other times in full view of the public. People claimed that they had seen him throwing stones in the lake with rapt attention. While others were vociferous to say that he once had almost killed a cat by soaking it in and out of a keg many times. They weren’t wrong, the enigma had befuddled him for several days but solution was nowhere near. He had tried everything, vessels of different sizes, sometimes filled till the brim and sometimes not. He tried with different objects stone, wood, metals (bars of gold and silver), other liquids and animals too sometimes. He would dip an object in the liquid and then intently glare and with excitement see the liquid rise to the brim and fall out of the vessel. And then the euphoria, the spark in his eyes would suddenly disappear.

Until one day, people’s suspicions were affirmed. They then knew it certainly that he was insane, when they saw him running across the streets of Syracuse, stark naked and shouting “Eureka! Eureka”. That’s when an important milestone of discovery was laid in the field of Science. It is believed that when Archimedes slid himself in the bathtub which was full to the brim he noticed the water displace from the tub and the idea struck him. And one of the most compelling scientific concepts came into existence during a bath which was the “Theory of Buoyancy”.

Several best ideas in mankind have emerged from routine activities like having a coffee or a good night’s sleep or simply having a hot / cold shower or lazing idly in a bathtub / Jacuzzi. When I was young and would stumble on a really tough Math’s problem, my mother would say “take a break, go and wash your face and resume after fifteen minutes”. And surprisingly this method always worked for me. It won’t be surprising anymore when we know the rationale behind it. Alice Flaherty, a renowned neuroscientist, researched and concluded that to make us feel great, relaxed and creative we need an increased secretion of dopamine. The more the dopamine the more elated and creative we feel. Various activities like taking a warm shower, exercising, being relaxed increases the dopamine flow from the brain. Thereby, leading you to a creative solution to an unprecedented issue you face. So now, you shouldn’t be surprised when you enter a bathroom with an issue and came back with a solution. Because it’s not you, but the credit goes to increased dopamine flow triggered by a good hot shower.

In 1990, Jim Crocker, a NASA engineer observed that a showerhead was mounted on adjustable sliding rods. He used the same methodology to mend Hubble Telescope which was out of commission. In 2007, while lolling in the bathtub, Jennifer Lopez was inspired to write an outline of a play “La Flor Palida”, which was eventually conceived as a 5-hour Univision musical miniseries. Though it was over in 2007, but it reemerged as a track’s name in Marc Anthony’s album 3.0.

Woody Allen, a renowned writer and film maker has himself confided how taking a shower brings out the best of him. He says, “The shower is particularly good in cold weather. This sounds so silly, but I’ll be working dressed as I am and I’ll want to get into the shower for a creative stint. So I’ll take off some of my clothes and make myself an English muffin or something and try to give myself a little chill so I want to get in the shower. I’ll stand there with steaming hot water coming down for thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, just thinking out ideas and working on plot. Then I get out and dry myself and dress and then flop down on the bed and think there.” And no surprises again, his books are a repository of such insight and knowledge which only an enlightened person can provide.

So!!! Are you stuck with labor union problem or you are not getting that formula correct in Microsoft Excel or your spouse is nagging you till the edge or that puzzle is racking your mind which your cousin sent on your family Whatsapp Group? The solution is very simple. Remove your clothes and immerse yourself in a good hot shower to find an out of box solution to these issues. Let PAQOS take care of all your water problem through their exciting range of stainless steel water tanks or through water pressure boosters or through softener filters. You must concentrate on more critical topics of your life. So let your juices flow, creative ones I mean.

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