Showering Stories

The Story of Showering

Have you ever wondered how simple things, those we take for granted, came into being? Something as simple as entering into a bathroom, turning on the knob and immersing ourselves into good hot shower, or turning on the tap even before we apply the toothpaste on the brush, or pressing the button to flush after your morning ablutions. These have become so intrinsic to our beings now that we don’t even spare a thought about their origins. Let me take this opportunity to shower some stories about showering for you.

The first showers were not man-made but were found in nature. Yes, you are right, the most natural showers were waterfalls. Natural springs and geysers provided sources for hot water. These methods of shower were gradually reproduced by people where they would pour jugs of cold water after washing. The nouveau riche of Egypt and Mesopotamia had servants who would bathe them in private baths in the privacy of their rooms. Later several evidences of baths were found in ruins of Indus Valley civilization, Harappan baths and Mesopotamia. Findings from Mayan civilization also hinted at their sewage systems and their advanced public baths systems.

Later, Turkish baths became world renowned owing to their sanitary expertise and hemams. Hemams were also one of the most essential part of harems, apart from being an independent bathing unit itself. If you explore the earlier art and paintings, you cannot miss out on the Roman kings with their loved ones in these harem baths. You can still marvel at the glory and importance of these when you stroll across various hemams in Istanbul. Turkish baths, till date, is a must-do in several travelers’ aspirations list. Their baths are still preserved as tourists’ attraction and you can experience the regality there.

A Tourist experiencing Turkish bath. Don’t miss on the faucets and showers on the sides.

After the fall of Roman Empire good hygiene became a taboo and a sign of vanity with rise in Christianity. This regime was short-lived as more than one third of Europe died from the Black Death in 14th Century. Benefits of cleanliness became more widely recognized thereon. With advancement in technologies sewage systems, drainage systems, aqueduct pipes, came into being. And this lead to invention of the first mechanical shower by William Feetham in 1767 in London. This event marked a revolution in the history of showers. Earlier showers were manual and used hand pump to push water to the tank. Post invention of indoor plumbing free-standing showers were invented around 1850.

By mid of 20th century electric showers became popular for providing instant hot water supply without relying on hot water tank. This further led to creation of more innovative ways of taking bath including a bath tub, showers, Jacuzzis and therapeutic bathing techniques. In 1990s more than 2/3rd of the houses had at least one shower in them. Further in 2001 Aqualisa, a UK company, introduced digital showers. The innovations in this area are still helmed by several reputed companies to enrich your daily cleanliness regime. Honestly, it’s much more than mere cleanliness, it’s a bliss and experience to immerse yourself in such grandeur every day.

Coming home, in India showers have had utmost importance not only from hygiene perspective but a very important ritual to commence any religious ceremony. Every Pooja, every yagna, every birth and death have been intricately linked to this aspect. The baths have been associated with attainment of ultimate salvation and one of the very important religious rite. We shall explore in details the importance of bath (स्नान) and how it is the basic tenet of Hinduism in our next exploration. I am sure, that you can’t wait to unravel this aspect in our cultures.

Irrespective of time, era, civilization, geographical locations, all baths and showers have been associated with flowing water. It doesn’t matter whether it was a waterfall or a servant giving you bath, or a bath in a hemam or more contemporary methods of taking bath, the water never had to be still. It had to be flowing, continuously flowing like the sparks of our lives. And to ensure that you have forever running water at your homes ensure to have a chat with our highly professional team in PAQOS about their product Water Booster Pump.

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