Splashing Showers

Splash Shower

A hot or a cold shower in the morning or after a tiring day is one of the simplest pleasures of our lives. It not only cleanse us but also rejuvenates our senses, refreshes our souls and instills an inherent freshness in us. So if you slept through the alarm or had a tiresome day, all you need is a good shower. 

Do you know you can make your this experience more rewarding and relaxing? No!! Then turn on the knob and soak yourself in that supreme experience. Increase the temperature, drop the shampoo, lift the loofah and experience the water drip through the messed hair onto your neck and back. Let’s look at the few ways of making this an ultimate experience. 

Optimum Cleanser

Know your skin type, hair textures and body type and choose the right type of body wash, shampoo and face wash. It’s essential to know your skin type (dry, moist, oily) and select your body wash accordingly. Always use a gentle cleanser for your face and avoid washing the face in the shower, particularly if you are prone to acne.


A hot shower often relaxes the body and is very soothing. It relaxes the tired body and eases the pain (especially joint pains). However, scientifically a cold shower can actually be beneficial for skin and hair. A sudden splash of cold water is said to improves the immune function, increases the metabolism and increases the amount of stress one can tolerate.

If you are fond of hot shower and find it irresistible, then spend the initial few minutes in hot water and then reduce the temperature of water to make it lukewarm. Very hot water can lead to burning of skin and it dries the moisture of the skin.

Water Pressure Pumps

Maintaining the right pressure in the shower is imperative for an effective shower. A dripping or a sluggish shower can never bring the desired refreshing feeling. This is especially difficult to maintain in India, due to consistent rusting of pipes, sedimentation of salts in faucets and hard water in most regions of the sub-continent. Water pressure often plays foul despite installation of the best of sanitary systems in your bathroom. 

One of the easiest remedies is to install a water pressure pump which ensures the right water pressure to get the optimum bath experience. The modern day bathroom need to be backed with powerful water pressure booster to enjoy ultimate showering and rejuvenating experience. One of the leaders in this area is PAQOS, the water company, who has a very wide range of water pressure booster depending on your requirements.  


Maintaining the cleanliness of various accessories associated to shower is hugely essential. Towels must be washed frequently, razors must be replaced on a regular basis. Loofahs should be cleaned and replaced regularly. The tiles of the bathroom, wash basins, soap dishes must be scrubbed often. If soap cases cannot be cleaned regularly try switching to liquid body wash. If you have a joint bathroom (wash basin and commode in the wash area), then ensure cleanliness of urinals and commodes. 

A planned busy day often transpires showering as a mere morning ablution and is done procedurally out of habit. However, including the above in your bathing schedule can make a transformation in your showering experience. Small changes bring big differences. So get into the game plan and use these methods to bring a makeover to your showering know-how. This shall enable you to focus on things that really matter in your lives, whether, it’s your profession, family or your hobbies. 

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