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Company Overview

Clean potable water is not a luxury but necessity for all. PAQOS is committed to ensure every drop of water you consume is clean, pure and healthy. Extensive research is dedicated to innovate revolutionary products from PAQOS coterie, that are superlative in quality, affordable in price and deftly serve to make water safe for consumption. Our commitment extends towards saving our environment with our water solution providers, created and operating with the least environmental impact. We pat our backs. PAQOS ensures 100% clean, pure and healthier drinking water.

Our range of home water solutions, water pumps, water softening systems, are not only engineered for efficiency but are designed to exude finest class in a compact body. Superior aesthetics, consumer friendly features, low maintenance and high-performance mechanisms, is the perfect definition for our water solution provider range. Unsurprisingly , PAQOS water solution systems enjoy happy costumers across major and minor cities in India, diligently serving in their daily lives.

Currently we are located in India and provide services to a big segment of the market, for installation and maintenance of our water solution systems. Our Vision is to be able to bring the high-quality water for drinking and to commercial and non-commercial applications closer to human irrespective of demographic boundaries.

Vision Statement:

Committed to bring an easy access to safe, healthy, water solutions through environment friendly innovations

Success Stories:

Our products are speaking for themselves. PAQOS has successfully installed complete water boosting and treatment plants and HVAC in many Upscale Apartments, Factories, Office Spaces, Government Organizations, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Banks and other commercial spaces in the NCR region, Kolkata, Jaipur, Goa, Bangalore and many cities across India and as you read this, we are still adding more prestigious clients to our list.

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