When to Use an Automatic Booster Pump in Your Home and How to Choose One?

When to Use an Automatic Booster Pump in Your Home

You do not want to live somewhere where the water pressure is poor. Imagine showering with a trickle of water that is barely strong enough to rinse away your shampoo and body wash; it may be a real pain.

Every household requires an automatic booster pump, often known as a water pressure booster pump. As the name indicates, an automatic booster pump by PAQOS is a water pumping mechanism used to automatically enhance the water pressure and volume in the case of inadequate water pressure.

An automatic water pressure pump is similar to a gas compressor. Still, it is less physically complex, with just one compression stage and is used to boost the pressure of gas that is already above ambient pressure. Two-stage water pressure booster pumps may also raise gas pressure, transfer high-pressure gas, charge gas cylinders and scavenge.

What Is the Role of an Automatic Booster Pump?

Before using the PAQOS water pressure pump for bathroom, it must first be loaded with liquid. An automatic water pressure booster pump’s impeller is a set of fast-rotating blades that push the liquid. As the liquid circulates, inertia causes it to flow to the impeller’s outer edge, where it is drawn in from the suction chamber. The liquid then acts on the impeller blades as it passes past them. As a result, the created force permits liquid energy to flow out of the impeller as the liquid’s kinetic and pressure energy increase.

What Are the Signs That I Need an Automatic Booster Pump?

Low water pressure in the home indicates low water pressure and flow rate at the taps, affecting everything that involves water. This is the time to think about installing an automated water pressure booster pump for your home. The following are some of the signs that your home may need water pressure booster pumps:

  • Filling your tub takes far too long. If it takes more than 5 minutes for your tube to fill, it is a sign that you have poor water pressure in your home. As the water has cooled by the time the tub is filled, this affects the water temperature.
  • Low water pressure may also affect your shower. As previously stated, no one wants to deal with tricked showers, which are most often the result of low water pressure. In this case, though, a pressure pump for shower by PAQOS is an excellent alternative.
  • You are having problems with your washing. To wash your garments properly, laundry machines must be loaded with water. Low water pressure and flow rate mean your washing machine will take longer to load and will not clean and rinse your clothing properly.
  • Watering your lawn takes an eternity for you. You may be dealing with low water pressure if you observe inadequate water coming out of your spray nozzle or sprinklers. In this situation, watering the entire grass might become a time-consuming operation for you, as it could take more than 30 minutes.

The flow rate of the tap is insufficient to rinse your dishes properly. Filling the sink will take longer, and washing dishes will be more difficult since you will have to hold the plates under flowing tap water.

Picking an Automatic Booster Pump

When buying an automatic water pressure booster pump, you should first and foremost consider the performance element. Efficiency, not power, should be assessed when evaluating performance. High proficiency with low power indicates strong performance when the hydraulic head and flow rate are similar. As most of them are marketed, Automatic water pressure booster pumps have the highest hydraulic head flow rate. An automatic booster pump’s standard power ranges between 80 and 120 watts.

Manufacturers habitually market pump specifications that are not useful when it comes to water pumps. As a result, before purchasing an automated booster pump, you should familiarise yourself with all of the product’s characteristics and specifications. To avoid buying a hyped booster pump, confirm the real flow rate with the vendor.

The length of the pipe, the size of the pipe, the capacity of the water heater, the number of elbows, the type of water heater and the water output of the nozzle are all things to consider when choosing an automated booster pump. If you have a pressure-bearing electric water heater, you will need an automated booster pump with a somewhat higher water output to support it.

In a nutshell, low water pressure can be caused by various factors, including ageing pipes, particularly galvanised pipes, which rust with time and clog, reducing water flow. This is when you realise you need to get a PAQOS water pressure booster pump that will automatically address such issues with minimum manual intervention.

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