Can Anyone Survive Without Water?

Can You Survive Without Water?

How can you survive without water for days or years? time immemorial, many has sought ways of making water passage from one area to the other their topmost priority. This led to the Egyptians invention of the pump around 2,000BC, they invented the pump in order to aid them in their irrigation system which requires much circulation of water from one distant part to the other, they called their pump a Shadoof, this was made by the use of a bucket tied to a rope used to remove water from the well, however this cannot be compared to modern pump. Several development came and innovation met with the shadoof. By 250 BC in ancient Greece and Rome, there was the invention of the Archimedean screw, it was a shaped like a large screw which was used in lifting water through the inside of a pump, this was manually controlled by two workers. There was also the invention of the piston pump around this same era. 

In the late 16th century, the sliding vane was invented as an innovation from the above mentioned pipe lines, by the mid 17th century, there was the invention of the piston vacuum pump. All these were the changes and dynamic features made by several individuals on the development of pump system. The early 18th century saw the invention of the automated pump machinery and by 1790, Thomas Simpson established the first pump business in London.

Another development that occurred to pump was the invention of the first direct steam pump in 1840 and mainly used for industrial purpose. The other development to pump was the establishment of the numerous pump companies which facilitated the usage of water pump among the people. Pump companies like, Bornemann Pupen established 1853 and Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon was established in 1856, Roper Pump company was also established 1857.

However, by 1948, there were numerous advances made on pump and this was what really paved the way for easy use of pump for every individual in the society. Stenberg Flygt AB designed the first submersible drainage pump and the magnet drive pump was also created the following year.

We can however agree to the fact that pumps has enhance our lifestyle and ease our old ways stress, the modern day pump now gives almost everything we will ever desire with ease, no need to go to the pond, lake, or the river to fetch water, we can now easily sit at the comfort of our or house and operate the inflow of water and usage by manual or electrical control.


  • Most times, the normal pump works well but takes too much time to process water out and takes like forever to fill just a bucket due to the slow flow of the water in the pump. If such pump is used for a 5floor level building, imagine how many hours it will take before it reaches the fifth floor. This is where PAQOS water booster pump comes and provide adequate pressure to the water flow in order to ensure it reaches all levels at an adequate time.
  • A full force of water makes things easier and ensure time management, many even prefers to water gushing out with speed compared with water coming out slowly and irritating.
  • A normal water pump can’t be used to the maximum level of water supply; you need a pressure pump in order to ensure your water usage reaches your satisfaction It multiplies the water pressure and ensure speedy running into the pipes.
  • A pressure pump ensures speedy circulation of water into taps and shower heads and it helps lift your water flow easily no matter the floor level you are.
  • This is a pump pressure you can use in offices and company building which will give you less problem and ensure you have adequate free flow of water.

PAQOS Water Booster Pump are easily controlled whether you want a high water movement of low water movement, the pressure can be increased and decreased. PAQOS Water Booster Pump is the only way to satisfy and fulfill your dream water flow level in your dream home and in your office.

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