The Perks of Installing a Water Softener

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Hard water may harm your skin, hair, and plumbing if you live in a house with it. A high concentration of calcium and magnesium is seen in hard water. These minerals can leave a filmy residue in your sink, bathtub, and even on your skin. The more calcium and magnesium in your water, the more film you will see in your home and the harder your water will be.

Although hard water is not detrimental to your health, it can cause damage to your house. Groundwater collects minerals such as calcium and magnesium when it runs through the pipes beneath your home. When these minerals interact with heat, they form a filthy deposit that can harm appliances, fixtures and pipes.

If you do not understand water treatment and want to learn more about your options for treating your hard water problem, a PAQOS water softener solution is an excellent way to remove the minerals that cause hard water through an ion-exchange process.

A special resin within the treatment system traps and collects the mineral ions that produce hardness in the water, filtered out in exchange for sodium and potassium ions. A water softener removes mineral ions, but heavy microorganisms and pollutants like lead, mercury and iron are not. PAQOS has narrowed down the main benefits of a water softener if you seek cleaner, better-tasting water.

Healthier Skin and Hair

If you are used to washing with harsh water, you might not notice that your skin might be softer. If you come out of the shower feeling dry and reach for your moisturiser right away, or if your hair seems dull and brittle, it might be due to hard water irritation. 

Even if you take the time to shampoo, condition and moisturise your hair every night, you might be losing the war without even realising it. One of the benefits of using a water softener is that it may eliminate toxic minerals from the water, making water flow smoother and more pleasant to your skin and hair. Hard water’s mineral ions hinder it from being fully soluble with soaps and shampoos, resulting in soap scum accumulation that can make your hair seem lifeless and damaged.

You may experience a cleansed wash and lather with an automatic water softener. No minerals or harmful chemicals interfere with the soap particles or natural oils on your skin and hair.

Laundry Feels Softer

A water softener’s advantages extend far beyond the water you bathe in. The water you use to wash your clothes is likewise contaminated. A water softener reverses the negative effects of hard, mineral-filled water on your clothing and keeps it soft to the touch while washing.

Do you recall the last time you got a new sweater and could not stop thinking about how good it made you feel? Nothing compares to the smoothness, aroma and freshness of the cloth. However, after a few washes, it loses its softness and brand-new appearance. What gives? It is not your fabric softener or detergent; stiff, lifeless clothes directly affect hard water.

Like your skin and hair, hard water may dry out your materials. It can also create a soap build-up that does not completely drain throughout the wash cycle, leaving your clothes looking and feeling unclean. If your garments appear to be half-washed and lack softness, a water softener will remove the mineral buildup, allowing your clothing, towels and linens to become fresh and healthy.

Freshens Your Drinking Water

If your drinking water has ever tasted earthy, it might be due to hard minerals and harsh metallics in the water. Filling a glass with cloudy or muddy water is another indicator of hard water.

Everyone has a particular taste and preference when it comes to drinking water. Many prefer soft water to hard water because it is free of minerals, fluoride, chloramine and other additions that might change its flavour, cleanliness or crispness.

You may be drinking minerals that you do not want to be drinking without even realising it. A water softener helps you get professional-grade filtered water.

Cleaner Water for a Healthier Life  

If you are still not convinced about a whole-house water softener, you could always start small with a reverse osmosis system. This filtration system is often found under the kitchen sink and uses a high-pressure cleaning mechanism to remove foreign pollutants, chemicals, big molecules and minerals from your water.

A water softener will also help eliminate the buildup inside the membrane of the reverse osmosis system, providing further water protection.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of water softeners and stainless steel drinking water tanks, or if you have any questions about any of our water systems, don’t hesitate to contact our industry professionals at PAQOS. Call us, browse our online collection or visit us today!

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