Facts to Know While Choosing Automatic Pressure Booster for Home

Choosing Automatic Pressure Booster

Have you ever had to shower under trickles of water barely getting your full body wet? It is most likely because of a very low water pressure from ground to your shower faucet that is causing this problem. And hence, we highly recommend installing a water pressure booster pump in your home to solve this problem. However, there are certain facts to keep in mind while choosing an automatic pressure booster for home:

Cause of low water pressure

    It is important to undermine the cause of low water pressure first. The causes can be many. If your house is situated at a higher level, low water pressure could be because of gravity or distance from the main water source. If your water pipes are too small or too narrow, water may not move up properly. Additional problems could be plumbing problems and low city water pressure.

    How much water is needed

    The next factor to determine is the amount of water you need in your home and its force. You can get a professional to help you calculate the flow rate.

    Identify if the water source is above or below the water pump

    This is important if you want the water to travel up many stories or uphill.

    Where to install a booster pump

    Ideally the water pressure pump booster must be installed on the line where water enters the house. In case of any malfunctions, you can always have a bypass that allows the pump to isolate in case of any problem.

    An automatic pressure pump booster can solve all your low water pressure problems in a jiffy and make showering and other water activities enjoyable for you. If you are looking to install one in your home, PAQOS, a professional firm that helps with water softener solution for home, stainless steel insulated water tank, water pressure booster, alkaline water ionizer, water softener filter or any equipment maintenance service, can help fix your problem. Call us today!

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