Buying Guide: Pressure Pump for Shower

Pressure Pump for Shower

Before explaining what exactly a shower pump is, we should first know how it works. When the pressure pump is switched on, water is sent into the pipe or into the component that is to be heated if you have an electric shower. In this case, the water moves upwards towards and through the showerhead, supplying the water spray-out.

For the water to move upwards, it has to act against gravity, and water pressure plays a big part here. A range of water pressure depends on the water’s distance needed to travel. If the water pressure is too low, the showerhead spray will not be fierce enough, which is not a practical shower effect.

A shower pump or water pressure booster pump is a small device which measures about 30 cm in length that increases the water pressure in your pipes by increasing the volume of water pumped through your pipes. The increased water pressure becomes noticeable at the showerhead, where the force of the spray becomes more as the flow rate and pressure increase.

Do You Need a Pressure Pump for Shower?

It is quite a tough job to determine whether or not your shower requires a water pressure booster pump. Usually, a shower pump is needed if your shower has very low water pressure. However, at times shower heads can change the force of the spray, and you will feel that the lack of a water pressure booster pump is the issue. That is why you require a systematic way to check if you require a shower pump. Go through the following 3-step instructions to examine your water pressure:

  • Get yourself a one-litre measuring jug and keep a timer ready.
  • Ensure that all of your appliances as well as taps are turned off.
  • Turn your tap on full and cold, fill the jug to one litre and time it.

Now, record the time and use the calculation (60/time = (x) litres/min) to determine if your water pressure is good or bad. If your calculated water pressure is low, a water pressure booster pump for your shower is needed. PAQOS pressure booster ensures ideal pressure in showers and a relaxed feeling under pressure shower.

Choosing the Best Pressure Pump for Shower

There are a few factors you should consider before purchasing the desirable shower pump:

Pressure Rating

While selecting your pressure pump for a showeryou will observe that each comes with a pressure rating, for example, 2 bar shower pumps. The common shower pump sizes that you can choose are:

  • 1 bar shower pumps (ideal for smaller showerheads).
  • 1.5 bar shower pumps (ideal for normal showers that require extra pressure).
  • Two bar shower pumps (ideal for low-pressure showers).
  • 2.5 bar shower pumps (usually needed for power showers & medium showerheads).
  • 3 bar shower pumps (typically used in power showers & large showerheads).

Build Quality

Whether you are looking for an indoor water pressure booster pump or an outdoor water pressure booster pump, it is necessary to select a firm pump that can last the tough conditions for an entire year. The materials of the shower pump should be able to resist different temperatures. You can see the relevant details in the product stipulations. PAQOS makes sure healthy, hygienic and plastic-free water.

Single or Twin Shower Pump

Next, you must select between a single shower pump and a twin shower pump. A single shower pump is designed to boost just one feed. Although it can be used for mixed water feeds or cold water feeds, this pump is usually hot water feed.

On the other hand, a twin shower pump increases the water pressure in mixed water feeds. Hence this type of pump is usually the preferable option.


Most shower pumps are easy to install. However, others may need expert help as the installation process can be difficult. You should keep in mind to ensure your warranty will not become invalid if you want to install it alone. Some manufacturers need certified professionals to install the shower pump to keep the warranty effect. Additionally, PAQOS water softener solution for home softens your hair, ensures the expensive faucets last long and improves the efficiency of geyser and heating system. 


It is important that you purchase a shower water pressure booster pump with the longest warranty. It will protect you from any problems caused by equipment flaws. Keep in mind that the warranty’s dependability is just as crucial as its duration. It is recommended that all buyers thoroughly study the warranty’s terms and conditions. Get the best pressure pump and hard water softener solution for home from PAQOS today!

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