5 Reasons Why Borewell Water Needs to be Purified?

Why Borewell Water Needs to be Purified?

Ever wake up with a throat drier than the desert? You stumble to the kitchen for a life-giving glass of water. You drag yourself to the kitchen, desperate for a refreshing glass of water, only to see the water come out in weak bursts. Frustration sets in. But wait, there’s the borewell! You fill your glass, and the water is cool and inviting. But as you raise it to your lips, a question lingers: is this water truly safe to drink?

For many Indian households, borewells are a lifeline, providing a constant source of water. However, this convenience can come with a hidden cost – potential contamination. This blog post will explore five key reasons why borewell water needs to be purified, discuss the potential health effects of untreated water, and answer some frequently asked questions to empower you to make informed decisions about your home’s water.

  1. Natural Contaminants: Borewell water originates from groundwater and can leach minerals and elements like arsenic, fluoride, iron, and manganese. While these may occur naturally, excessive levels can be harmful.  Water softeners for borewell water can address hardness caused by minerals, but a proper purification system is needed for overall safety.
  2. Chemical Contamination: Agricultural practices, industrial waste, and improper sewage disposal can introduce harmful chemicals like pesticides, nitrates, and heavy metals into groundwater. These contaminants can pose serious health risks and require proper filtration.
  3. Microbiological Contamination: Shallow borewells are more prone to contamination from bacteria, viruses, and parasites present in the soil or nearby sources of pollution. These pathogens can cause various waterborne diseases, highlighting the importance of proper disinfection through purification.
  4. Aesthetic Concerns: Untreated borewell water may have an unpleasant taste, odour, or colour due to high mineral content or organic matter. Purification can significantly improve the aesthetics of your drinking water, making it more flavourful and enjoyable.
  5. Protecting Your Appliances: Hard water from borewells can damage pipes, clog fixtures, and reduce the lifespan of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. A water softener can address hardness issues, while a pressure pump for the home can ensure consistent water flow throughout your house. For optimal water quality, combining these solutions with purification is recommended.

The Potential Health Effects of Untreated Borewell Water

Consuming untreated borewell water can lead to various health problems, including:

  • Gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea, vomiting, and cramps
  • Skin problems like rashes and irritation
  • Long-term health problems like liver and kidney damage and even certain cancers in severe cases

Addressing Your Borewell Water Needs

While borewells offer a reliable water source, they come with inherent challenges. PAQOS tackles these head-ons, providing a comprehensive suite of appliances to transform your borewell water into a safe and refreshing resource for your entire home.

Transforming Water with Alkaline Technology:

PAQOS Alkaline Water Machine revolutionise your borewell water by raising its pH level. This process neutralises acidity and potentially introduces beneficial minerals, creating a smoother, more pleasant-tasting drinking experience. Studies suggest that alkaline water may also contribute to hydration and overall well-being.

Boosting Pressure for Uninterrupted Flow:

Low water pressure can be a constant source of frustration. To combat this issue, the most preferable thing is to bring a pressure pump for the home water supply. PAQOS Water Pressure Booster Pump are lifesavers in such scenarios. These intelligent pumps ingeniously increase water pressure throughout your home, ensuring a powerful flow for showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and all your water needs.

Dual Action: Purification and Softening with Auto Softeners and Filters:

Hard water from borewells can wreak havoc on your plumbing and appliances. PAQOS Auto Softeners and Filters deliver a double dose of brilliance. The softening technology combats hardness by removing excess minerals that cause scaling and residue buildup. This protects your pipes and appliances and improves their efficiency and lifespan. Furthermore, integrated filters effectively eliminate contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, and impurities, ensuring clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and all your household needs. You must install a water softener for the borewell water.

Stainless Steel Tanks: The Hygienic Guardians of Your Water:

Storing water safely is paramount. PAQOS Stainless Steel Water Tanks are crafted for optimal hygiene and longevity. Our stainless steel water tank for the house is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, safeguarding your water from harmful contamination. These robust tanks come in various sizes to suit your needs, ensuring an ample supply of purified water that stays fresh and clean for extended periods.
By incorporating these innovative PAQOS appliances, you can transform your borewell water experience. Enjoy the benefits of healthy alkaline water, overcome low-pressure woes, achieve purified and softened water, and ensure safe storage with top-grade stainless steel tanks. PAQOS empowers you to unlock the full potential of your borewell water, providing a clean, healthy, and convenient water source for your home.


Q. What are the major side effects of borewell water?

A. Untreated borewell water can cause gastrointestinal issues and skin problems and potentially even contribute to long-term health problems.

Q. Which water purifier is best for borewell water?

A. The ideal water purifier depends on the contaminants in your borewell water. Our purifier systems are generally effective for a wide range of contaminants. Consider getting your water tested to determine the best purification method.

Q. Why does borewell water need water purification?

A. Water purification is a highly effective method for removing a wide range of contaminants, including dissolved salts, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. This makes it a suitable option for borewell water, which can be susceptible to various types of contamination.

Q. Should we drink borewell water directly?

A. No, it’s not recommended to drink borewell water directly without proper purification. Contamination risks are high, and potential health effects can be serious.

Q. Is borewell water good for hair?

A. The high mineral content of untreated borewell water can leave residue on hair, making it appear dull or rough. Purified water is generally better for hair health.

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