Green RO

Enjoy clean & fresh RO water

The safety and accessibility of drinking-water is a major concern throughout the world. Several Health risks may arise from consumption of water contaminated with impurities of infectious agents, toxic chemicals hazards.

Green RO has been designed and engineered for exceptional performance by Paqos, Which has superior aesthetics and comes loaded with consumer friendly features. It helps in reduction of harmful bacteria, viruses and also substantially decreases the level of waste water as compared to other RO systems available in market. It is so safe and pure which guarantees clean water and also retains the right balance of minerals for your family.


Stunningly compact and environment friendly, PAQOS purification system provides a continuous stream of clean, fresh, great-tasting, drinking water by using Reverse Osmosis (RO). PAQOS purification system improves your home, office or restaurant’s drinking water in one easy step.

Innovative Module System

  • High flow 400 GPD reverse osmosis drinking water system
  • Direct, clean & refreshing drinking water
  • Spill proof filter replacement
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Anti-bacterial post carbon filter
  • Elegant designer look & compact size

A unique & Versatile RO System

  • Compact design ensures maximum use of your under-counter space
  • High-grade plastic that keeps purity of water intact
  • Durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon casing ensures long service life
  • Dual pressure gauge for monitoring system pressure & incoming water pressure.
  • Self-aligning filter cartridges with unique built-in handles for easy removal
  • System can produce up to 400 gallon/1800 Liters of purified water day
  • Multiple units can be installed in parallel to increase daily output
  • Quick and easy filter replacement design – prevents messy spillage
  • Compact easy –to-use filter cap removal tool
  • Effortless filter alignment system
  • Integrated filter life monitoring system
  • Built –in- LED status indicator
  • System can be easily expanded to 1.200 GPD/5450 LPD with the use of additional RO membrane modules.
  • Can be used as a direct flow system or in conjunction with an RO tank
  • A 14 gallon / 60 Liter RO storage tank is recommended for high demand usage exceeding 400 GPD / 1800 LPD

Eco-friendly, Health-friendly

  • Water recovery rate almost three times as high as industry standard (1:1.25 L vs. 1:3.25L)
  • Dry-run protection with auto-restart
  • Auto- flush function: 5-minute timer prevents clogging the RO membrane, ensuring a long service life
  • Premium grade fitting & connections ensure reliability & durability