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May 2019

PAQOS Water Booster Pump

Installing PAQOS Water Booster Pump Easily

The significance of water cannot be overemphasized. Everyone requires water in order to live, every living thing depend on water as part of their survival mechanism on the planet. Water, has over the years, been applied to different aspects of life on earth; for drinking, for bathing, to run engines, to cool heat in engines, etc. but there was always the problem of having this water available everywhere man was settled or wherever he went; his home, his office,...

April 2019

Can anyone survive without water

Can anyone survive without water?

How can you survive without water for days or years? time immemorial, many has sought ways of making water passage from one area to the other their topmost priority. This led to the Egyptians invention of the pump around 2,000BC, they invented the pump in order to aid them in their irrigation system which requires much circulation of water from one distant part to the other, they called their pump a Shadoof, this was made by the use of...

January 2019

water booster pump

Showering Stories – II

“Open your eyes, my son!” and he gradually did so. His eyes were blinded with the bright light emerging from the front. He rubbed his eyes and dropped on his knees genuflecting himself in utter devotion. The divine voice continued “your firm devoutness has elated me. Bhagirath, what do you wish for?” He lifted his face, with tears trickling down his cheeks, to see the eldest of the Hindu trinity and saw all 4 faces of the God smiling at him. He stammered and...

water booster pump

Showering Stories

Have you ever wondered how simple things, those we take for granted, came into being? Something as simple as entering into a bathroom, turning on the knob and immersing ourselves into good hot shower, or turning on the tap even before we apply the toothpaste on the brush, or pressing the button to flush after your morning ablutions. These have become so intrinsic to our beings now that we don’t even spare a thought about their origins. Let me take this opportunity to shower some...