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April 2021

5 Reasons Alkaline Water is Better Than Plain Water

Today people are getting more aware of fitness by adopting healthy changes in their lives. One of them is balancing the pH level in our body. In the long run, people have seen several health benefits of consuming alkaline water. It is the reason why many people recommend drinking it. The main difference between alkaline and plain water is alkaline waterneutralizes the acid present in water. The tap water that we receive is highly acidic, which can lead to...

March 2021

Alkaline Water: Is It A Healthy Drink Or Is It Just a Hype?

We all know that drinking plenty of water every day will help the body survive and ward off illness. In reality, adequate hydration is required for nearly all bodily functions. Now, however, a substance known as alkaline water is causing a stir, with advocates suggesting that it can help to regulate the body's pH, increase energy, and prevent disease.  Their hypothesis is that acidic conditions encourage bacterial growth, so eating a more alkaline (less acidic) diet would keep harmful bugs...