February 2019

Soaps and Shampoos

If you are a 80’s or 90’s kid, there are several iconic commercials you will be able to associate with. Like there wouldn’t be any Rahul (which was one of the most trendy names during the time) who wasn’t teased by their friends as “Rahul, paani chala jaayega”. It was one of the most iconic advertisement by erstwhile soap Le Sancy where they showed a young boy who is nagged by his mother to take a shower then the boy plays loud music on the...

January 2019

Water Boosting Pumps

Scholars’ Soaking

He had been acting weird for so many days doing strange things, sometimes in private and at other times in full view of the public. People claimed that they had seen him throwing stones in the lake with rapt attention. While others were vociferous to say that he once had almost killed a cat by soaking it in and out of a keg many times. They weren’t wrong, the enigma had befuddled him for several days but solution was nowhere near. He had tried everything,...

water booster pump

Showering Stories – II

“Open your eyes, my son!” and he gradually did so. His eyes were blinded with the bright light emerging from the front. He rubbed his eyes and dropped on his knees genuflecting himself in utter devotion. The divine voice continued “your firm devoutness has elated me. Bhagirath, what do you wish for?” He lifted his face, with tears trickling down his cheeks, to see the eldest of the Hindu trinity and saw all 4 faces of the God smiling at him. He stammered and...

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Showering Stories

Have you ever wondered how simple things, those we take for granted, came into being? Something as simple as entering into a bathroom, turning on the knob and immersing ourselves into good hot shower, or turning on the tap even before we apply the toothpaste on the brush, or pressing the button to flush after your morning ablutions. These have become so intrinsic to our beings now that we don’t even spare a thought about their origins. Let me take this opportunity to shower some...

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Splashing Showers

A hot or a cold shower in the morning or after a tiring day is one of the simplest pleasures of our lives. It not only cleanse us but also rejuvenates our senses, refreshes our souls and instills an inherent freshness in us. So if you slept through the alarm or had a tiresome day, all you need is a good shower.  Do you know you can make your this experience more rewarding and relaxing? No!! Then turn on the...