Pressure Pumps

April 2019

PAQOS Water Pressure Pumps

Various Purpose and apparatuses for using a WATER PRESSURE PUMPS

The importance of water cannot possibly be over emphasized, everyone, as well as, every living thing require water and cannot survive without it. This, of course, necessitated the need to make water available where we live, work, where we are most active etc, thus, and the creation of pumps. Water pumping is a practical and basic technique, far more practical than scooping it up with one’s hands or lifting it in a bucket. Thereby, the ancient concept of the “aqueduct”...

Pressure Pumps - Refreshing Shower - PAQOS

Benefits of using the PAQOS Pressure Pumps and its Advantage

Water always makes us refreshing, and we all know how much water is important for all the household activities. Poor water pressure not only delay the work flow but also it became the headache for us so you need a saviour to manage your work and live a stress free life using the PAQOS Pressure Pump. It will recover your water supply and provides you a steady water pressure. Enjoy a refreshing shower with a perfect flow of water....

January 2019

pressure pumps

Splashing Showers

A hot or a cold shower in the morning or after a tiring day is one of the simplest pleasures of our lives. It not only cleanse us but also rejuvenates our senses, refreshes our souls and instills an inherent freshness in us. So if you slept through the alarm or had a tiresome day, all you need is a good shower.  Do you know you can make your this experience more rewarding and relaxing? No!! Then turn on the...