Power In Water

Paqos Water Pressure Pump

Power In Water

PAQOS Water Pressure Pump PERFECT SOLUTION FOR INSUFFICIENT WATER PRESSURE in Taps, Normal Showers, Mixers, Storage Heaters & Solar Heaters etc.

Pressurization and pressure holding in a water distribution network when pressure is insufficient or non-existent, for suction or on load used for :

–              small housing groups      –              schools

–              building complexes         –              small hotels

–              private residences           –              shops



  • One working, one standby & both working on excessive demand.
  • Compact, ready-to-install sets.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy installation: 2 hydraulic connections and 1 electric connection.
  • Control and protection grouped together in cabinet to ensure full logic control for operation.
  • Suction-discharge manifolds can be connected on right or left.
  • Silent operation


  • Fully Automatic.
  • Pressure Tank eliminates frequent starting of the pump.
  • Superior quality & highly reliable corrosion-free Pressure Tanks for longer life and trouble-free operation.
  • Multistage pump with high flow and high pressure.
  • Silent operation.
  • Pumps with corrosion-resistant Impellers.
  • Built-in Motor Protection.
  • Pressure switch with Gauge for Automatic starting and stopping of the pump.
  • Low cost operation.
  • Comes with Dry Running Protection kit.
  • System also comes with larger Pressure Tanks, which helps in lower no. of start/stops for the pump, energy savings, longer life of the pump and more storage of Pressurized water.


The cascade operation of the pumps is ensured by two single pressure switches. When the first pump to start, stops at the end of the cycle, a starting cycle switches to the second pump. If the first pump is unable to meet increased demand, second pump switches on automatically. The use of a tank is essential to prevent the beating of the pump control pressure switches. The volume of the chosen tank will govern the pump operating time. After pump stoppage by a water shortage safety device, restarting will only be permitted when upstream water returns.

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