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Softener Filter

Best Water

Water Softener Filter

Paqos water softener filter is the hi-tech solution to all hard water problems. Its state-of-the-art functioning rids water of the elements that cause destruction to your health and home. The result? Water that’s gentle on you and your home appliances – as well as on your pocket!

You may not realize it, but hard water is not only damaging your skin, hair and clothes, it’s also gradually destroying your expensive water-utilizing appliances and water pipes.  As well as raising your electricity bills!



Multimedia FILTER

It is not easy to remove suspended solids and oils effectively from the daily supply of water. The water supplied to households comes with small amount of solids that cause some adverse effects.

Paqos Multimedia Filter ensures that the water gets consistently purified. It can be used as standalone whole house filter & must be used with the Water Softener as a pretreatment as it prevents mud, sand & other suspended impurities from clogging the resin & enable the resin to soften the water and by itself:


Wholehouse Carbon Filter

Water may contain disagreeable odour and taste, objectionable chlorine level & many chemical gases which make it unfit for daily usage.

Activated carbon filtration is very common in a number of home water treatment systems. The Paqos Carbon filter reduces or eliminates bad tastes and odours, chlorine and many organic contaminants in municipal (pre-treated or chlorinated) water supplies to produce significantly improved water. It is also very commonly used as a pre-treatment as part of a reverse osmosis system to reduce many organic contaminants, chlorine and other items that could foul the reverse osmosis membrane.


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