Enjoy Clean & Fresh Water

Stainless Steel Water Vessels

Enjoy Clean & Fresh Water

Stainless Steel Water Vessels

These insulated, heat resistant and hygienic stainless steel water vessels have been made with state-of-the-art technology and the best grade SS304/SS316L, the same quality that is mandatory for food and pharmaceutical processing plants & hospitals.

Paqos Vessels keep the water in its original state irrespective of atmospheric conditions. These are double wall insulated vessels, built for outdoor exposure. Paqos Vessels pass through stringent quality control process, and are inspected and tested for leakage before dispatch from the factory as completely assembled vessel. Available in varied sizes & capacities as per the budget & requirement, Paqos Stainless Steel Water Vessels can also be customized no matter how big the size & requirement is.


  • 100% pure mirror polished/matt finish stainless steel, healthy alternative to plastic, concrete and other metal containers
  • Insulation is PUF (poly urethane foam) machine injected to maintain negligible change in water temperature in extreme summer or winter
  • Option of Automatic Water level controller suitable for continuous supply of water i.e. to lift water from underground storage tank or bore-well ground water supply through submersible pump
  • Zero growth of bacterial species and fungus and need no frequent cleaning
  • No risk of water borne diseases
  • Durable, safe and environment friendly

Unmatched Strength

Paqos Stainless Steel Water Vessels do not bulge or stretch when full. The strength of steel means the vessels comfortably hold the large forces generated by tonnes of water. This strength does not deteriorate even under the harsh Indian sun, as it may with other materials.


Paqos Stainless Steel Water Vessels are made with the highest quality Grade 304/316L stainless steel. Reason why, these Vessels are strong, durable and hygienic.

Beauty with brain

Paqos Stainless Steel Water Vessels add to the imposing look of roof structure, unlike a bulgy plastic vessel.


Paqos Stainless Steel Water Vessels last way longer than any plastic tank and the material used is completely recyclable, and may be readily reclaimed and reused.


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